Front-end Developer (React, HTML/CSS)

Kyiv, Kyiv city, Ukraine · Front-end


About us:

Cryptocurrency market never sleeps, there are no weekends or times when traders can rest. And unfortunately current tools available to traders were developed using old-school principles and not suitable for this new asset class.

That’s why we are building Superorder – a cryptocurrency trading terminal, managing trades across multiple exchanges under one roof, focusing on simplicity and automation.

We allow users to connect exchanges of their choice and trade from a single place. On top of that superorder allows traders to build and run trading strategies using a visual interface, something which required coding before.

Launched as beta recently, Superorder helped thousands of traders around the world who traded more than $20 Million.

The project consists of three key parts:
1. IFTTT-service which provides for building action algorithms automatically executed upon trading on exchanges. It’s based on the own framework which allows creating reliable, testable, and scalable actions. They can restore processes from the conserved state which is useful because a lot of actions may run for weeks, so it was important to provide the option to recover progress in the case of unforeseen errors.
2. Data collector which is responsible for gathering real-time information about deals on supported exchanges, aggregating them, and generating historical OHLCV candles for charts.

3. The terminal is the main product for traders which allows making deals on all supported exchanges from the single place using simple automatization. It’s built on the basis of Next.js framework.


Would be a plus:

If you are:


We are looking for a Front-end Developer (React) for implementing ideas through your knowledge of evolving Front-end best practices and guidelines.
This position includes a possibility on growing as a Front-end specialist or moving towards more Back-end work if that is your career goal. We have qualified specialists to teach you and even more — enough room on the project so that you can gain your expertise in Back-end.
You are an adventurer in terms of technologies ahead of their time. If you are the person who has always dreamed of being engaged into running a project of a lifetime, then you are in the right place.


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Please contact us if you’re interested in work with advanced technologies.

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