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Kyiv, Kyiv city, Ukraine · Front-end


About us:

Cryptocurrency market never sleeps, there are no weekends or times when traders can rest. And unfortunately current tools available to traders were developed using old-school principles and not suitable for this new asset class.

That’s why we are building Superorder – a cryptocurrency trading terminal, managing trades across multiple exchanges under one roof, focusing on simplicity and automation.

We allow users to connect exchanges of their choice and trade from a single place. On top of that superorder allows traders to build and run trading strategies using a visual interface, something which required coding before.

Launched as beta recently, Superorder helped thousands of traders around the world who traded more than $20 Million.

We are looking for a Front-end Developer (React, HTML/CSS) for implementing ideas through your knowledge of evolving Front-end best practices and guidelines.

This position includes a possibility on growing as a Front-end specialist or moving towards more Back-end (Node.js) work if that is your career goal. We have qualified specialists to teach you and even more - enough room on the project so that you can gain your expertise in Back-end.
You are an adventurer in terms of technologies ahead of their time. If you are the person who has always dreamed of being engaged into running a project of a lifetime, then you are in the right place.



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